Sexual Assault


Advocacy Services for Sexual Violence

24 Hour Hotline Services: Providing emotional support, information, and referrals.

Hospital Advocacy: An advocate will meet the survivor at the hospital and support them throughout the medical examination.

Court/Police Support: An advocate will provide support throughout the legal process, from initial contact with the police throughout the duration of a case.

Counseling Referrals: Referrals for individual, family and group therapy.

Support Groups: We currently offer 2 peer led sexual violence support groups. It is a safe place for survivors to feel supported and share healthy coping skills, in a confidential location. Our College Group is held Monday evenings from 8-9PM, and our Sexual Assault Group is held Wednesday evenings from 7-8PM. Please call (740) 512-6092 for location and information.

Prevention Education and Community Awareness: Educational programs for all ages are available.

Hospital Staff

If you are a hospital staff person seeking advocacy for a victim who may be considering a rape kit, we are here to support you. Victim's of rape are entitled to the presence of a rape crisis advocate for the duration of their rape kit. A trained advocate can present at the ER within 1 hour of the call.

Advocates can bring a change of clothes for the victim, so it can be helpful to provide an approximate size of the patient when making initial contact. You can reach us anytime at (740) 512-6092.

Our Sexual Assault Hotline is free, confidential and available 24/7, please call (740) 512-6092


What to do?

  • Move to a safe location as quickly as possible.
  • Call 911
  • Seek medical attention at a local hospital immediately for an examination and possible collection of evidence.
  • Tell a friend, family member, or someone else that you can trust or call our Sexual Assault Hotline - (740) 512-6092.
  • Do not shower, bathe, douche, change your clothing, or apply medication.
  • Do not disturb anything in the place where the incident occurred.


Support Groups

Our support groups are for any survivor of sexual assault. It is a safe place for survivors to feel supported by others who have experienced sexual violence. Trained facilitators support the group but members direct the group: choose the topics discussed, support one another, and share healthy coping skills. Our College Group is available to current students, recent grads, and survivors who were assaulted while in college. Survivors are welcome to join whichever group best suits their current needs.

Join us:

Monday College Group - 8PM - 9PM 

Wednesday - 7PM - 8PM

Please call us for location, or more information.