DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE 1-888-611-SAFE or 740-283-3444
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Domestic Violence

Our Mission

To provide safe alternatives to living in a violent environment, and educate citizens. We provide emergency sheltering, a 24 hour crisis hotline, and advocacy services to all victims of domestic violence and their children.

Advocacy Services for Victims of Domestic Violence in Jefferson County

24 Hour Crisis Line & Advocacy: Providing emotional support, information, safety planning.

Emergency Shelter: Providing an alternative to living in a violent environment, in a safe emergency shelter.

Support Groups: We currently offer a peer led domestic violence support group. It is a safe place for survivors to feel supported and share healthy coping skills, in a confidential location. They are held Tuesday evenings from 6-7pm. Please call (740)283-3444 for location and information.

Court/Legal Advocacy: An advocate can be present and provide support and referrals throughout the legal process.

Housing & Financial Advocacy: An advocate can inform you of your long term housing and financial options.

Emergency 911 Cell Phones: Phones to access emergency services.

Community Information & Referrals: ALIVE can provide referrals for various needs you may have.

Do you?

  • Feel scared of unsafe around your partner?
  • Make excuses for your partner’s behavior?
  • Avoid doing things that would cause a conflict?
  • Always do what your partner wants you to do?

Does your partner?

  • Regularly insult, demean or threaten you?
  • Embarrass or humiliate you in public?
  • Monitor and control your relationships with others?
  • Isolate you from friends or family?
  • Limit your access to transportation or money?
  • Treat you roughly – grab, pinch, shove, bite, choke, or hit you?
  • Threaten to hurt your friends, family, pets, or themselves?
  • Destroy or steal your belongings?
  • Deny you food, clothing. sleep, or medication?
  • Threaten to “out” you, or criticize your sexuality?
  • Deny, minimize, make excuses, and blame others for their behavior?
  • Blame you for their behavior?
  • Promise they’ll never do it again?

Support Groups

Any survivor of Domestic Violence is invited to join our peer led support group. It is a safe place for survivors to feel supported by others who have experienced sexual violence. Join us: Tuesday – 6PM – 7PM. Please call us for location, more information and if you might need child care.

General Safety Plan:

  • Identify a variety of ways to get out of the home safely and practice using your escape route.
  • Pack a bag with medications, important documents, money, keys, etc. and hide it. Consider changing the hiding spot if your abuser searches the home.
  • Arrange a signal with neighbors to let them know when you need help (turning on a porch light during the day, pulling down a particular window shade).
  • Devise a code word to use with your children, grandchildren, friends or others to indicate that you need the police.
  • Decide and plan where you will go if you have to leave (even if you don’t think you will need to).
  • If you have a protection order, carry it with you at all times.

Click here for safety plans for the following situations: safety plans for the following situations: explosive incidents, when leaving, protection orders, public (school, work or social, recreational, and volunteer activities), and your emotional health.

If someone you know is a victim…

  • Do not confront them around their abuser. Let them know privately that you are concerned.
  • Believe them. Take time to listen.
  • Don’t pressure them to leave.
  • Help them come up with a safety plan.
  • Respect the victim’s decisions – they are the expert on their own situation.